To the best friend who fell for me….

Dear one-sided lover,

I still remember the time when we used to be nothing but strangers and every now and then you would steal tiny glances at me. I still remember the time when I was unaware of the ocean roaring inside your heart. It only seems like yesterday when I used to walk past your lively existence without even sparing one look at it. What happened then, stranger?!

Things were going well until one fine day, you came up to mark the beginning; beginning of something that would teach us the bittersweetness of life ; something which would become the best part of your World ….things were going well, until one fine day, we became friends.

We started talking more often. And soon, I found ourselves talking about the most important unnecessary things that have ever existed in this World.

What then, Friend?!

Things were going well, until one fine day, you started tagging me in memes and winning our pointless arguments with valid points….Things, were going well, until we realized we were a tad too important to each other.

You became my human diary and I , your ink to imagination. You became my 3 a.m “Guess why I hate them?!” Buddy and I , your “Does magic really exist?” Pixie. You discovered my Angels and I ,your demons.

What then, best friend forever?!

Things were still going well, weren’t they? …. until one fine day, you secretly fell in love with my soul as you say; unaware and ignorant, you went on breaking your self-made promise of not getting attached ever again.

Things were going well, until one fine day, I discovered my name on each and every wave of your ocean.

I never knew you were falling for me while laughing at humans and jokes; while walking by my side; while listening to my rants….

I never knew, best friend, that you were falling for me while listening to my description of the love I have for another human and how that person has had and will have my heart forever..

What now?!

Now! It cannot be undone, best friend. I hope things go well and we keep painting each other’s lives with colours (that statement, as you already know, only applies to myself because your choice of colours is pretty much the reason for why people have trust issues 🌝)

For you should know, best friend….

“Of all the things that I’ve never known, my favourite one is that I never knew you would become the AAYAN to my ALIZEH!”

And as I write that, I know you would throw a brick at my face for using Bollywood references.

So before you do that and before I run away for my life, here’s another:

Of all the things that I’ve ever wished for, one of the most important ones, for now and forever, is that, I hope you never stop being the Harry to my Hermione!”

Because, buddy, I’m not ready to let you go at any cost. And to be very honest, I do not at all love you enough to let you go!


Miss magic!

P.S: But I really hope you stop hoarding my belongings as tokens for whatever’s sake might suit you. BRAINLESS BABOON!

The first….

Hello there reader,

As you’re reading this article you should know that somewhere, a tiny human has finally decided to take a chance by creating a blog she had been dreaming of since the day she had written her very first poem.

Very first! Yes…I remember as I say very first. To be precise, exactly three years and 10 days ago, a little girl had first discovered how to paint with words; how to create melodious silences. Since then, there has been no stopping. And here she is after all these days, writing her heart out to you. Here she stands, ready to share all the art she has learnt to create.

That’s all for today. I hope you smiled reading that. I hope you keep smiling and keep coming back. Until next time…. goodbye!


The tiny soul.