Letter to younger self..

Dear younger self,

Not crying on the first day of pre school is a crime which you’re going to commit soon.

Not punching the sh*t out of that bully will be your second crime.

School is not sending you home for a stomach ache. Don’t try to fool a forty year old with your three year old brain.

You’ll be losing the race in school annual sports for looking back at your friend who fell mid way. It’s going to get you a free supply of chocolates for the month from mumma though!

You’re going to set your second crime right by looking that bully in the eye and watching him run away.

The shadow you’re scared of; that one on the glass window: it’s not a ghost. It’s a cute little pigeon. Stop screaming and scaring the life out of mom and Didi.

Baba knows you took a sip from his glass of soft drink while carrying it from the kitchen.

You’re going to screw your first recitation up and get scarred with stage fright for life. That’ll not stand in the way of becoming a good performer though! I’d better keep that a secret..

Leaving home town will never make you this happy again.

Your crazy introverted self is going to have to give two admission tests at St.Michael’s School because of nervousness……

…which brings me to the next point, you’ll have to interact with a whole lot of people soon. An extroverted version will be necessary; Be it not a part of your soul but it’s going to be a huge part of your life. And you’ll be loving it!

Don’t try so hard to become a class monitor, you’re going to hate your job for the next four years.

You need not take pride in being the tallest kid in the class. YOU ARE THOUGH!

Don’t think twice before putting red handprints on the school boundary to scare kids with famous back stories. That’s something very intelligent on your part. You’ll be having a lot of stories to tell in future buddy!

You’re going to serve detention after school for climbing that broken tree. Also, you’re stupid enough to not realize it’s dangerous.

Don’t try to be a prefect for God’s sake! Your fifth standard self doesn’t even know what that means. I love your ‘Captain of House’ badge though..

Environmental study is better than Physics, Chemistry and Biology , I swear!

Dragon Ball z is not going to be on air next year.

Harry Potter is real! They don’t know. It’s fine.

Not everyone watches FRIENDS and it’s okay. You don’t need to stop watching it. You’re going to love the next episode.

HIMYM is going to be a bit difficult to understand. Let Didi watch it alone for the time being.

Don’t wait for grandpa…he’s leaving you forever on the way to your place..

Don’t crush over that guy; He’s going to fail the seventh standard thrice.

Feeling sad is bad. And making random lines on paper will not help it.

Falling in love isn’t that easy. You are to learn.

Go ahead and give that audition for acting in the school play. You don’t know how much difference it’s going to make! Trust me!

Depression cannot be fought alone. Talk to someone. I beg..

Cutting yourself is going to hurt much more than you’ve imagined. Those marks are not going to disappear. It’s going to lead to a series of questions and unanswered judgements for life.

Swallowing medicines is not a solution. What you’re doing will affect your health. Listen to instructions. Those medicines are not going to matter in near future. You CAN live perfectly well without them.

You’ll have to give up on modeling forever because of the deeper than deep cuts that you’ll be making.

Your future self is going to laugh at you for that idiocy there.

That teacher you’re scared of, she’s going to become your lifeline. Wait for it!

Don’t give up on yourself. You’re going to meet one most unexpectedly beautiful person who’s going to help you fix it soon.

Don’t get drunk. You’ll be doing the stupidest stuff as a result. A part of it is going to be super cute and thoughtful though!

Don’t stop trying to write short poems; you’ll be getting the greatest gift of all through practice!

You’ll be learning a whole new way of life kid…. Hang in there!

Don’t be scared of Principal sir’s office, it’s going to be your home for the next two years. From history of soaps to purpose of existence, you’ll be learning life there!

In the end, mumma, Baba, Didi and everyone else who matters is going to be so so Proud of the person you’re going to become.

You’re going to be safe; You’re going to be loved like never before; You’re going to find love; You’re going to be the light!

And I am proud of you. And here’s something you haven’t learnt yet…I love you!




To the Saviour of my Soul….

Dear Ron Weasley,

I’ve been waiting for this day since ages πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. The day when an Asgardian had first seen my planet. The day when somewhere, darkness was defeated by light. But wait, let me be more staright forward: Happy birthday!

Well…. it’s nothing important to you though, because come on! How can a person who is a hundred years old be excited about his birthday?! I don’t blame you 😐😐. But old man! You listening? I’m 18 to be ( I’ve been saying that since my seventeenth birthday) and I am looking at your day as one of the most important events that could ever have happened. And we’re into this together so you better start showing some interest. There’s no going back. You’ve already signed up Karen! 😌😌

You know what?! Wait, you actually know. I’ve probably told you everything before I was here to write. I’ll still repeat. Here’s a letter in this letter to you:

Dear Baymax,

Even though I feel like hitting you in the face with a whole freaking mountain most of the time, I actually feel like the most blessed person on the planet because you exist. Your existence has made all the difference. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes at this and I’m warning you not to πŸ˜’πŸ˜’. You have been there throughout. Ups and downs; highs and lows; and finally all smiles. I’ve always found you standing right beside me everytime. And if you think I’m about to thank you in the next sentence, you’re very wrong πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘.

You’re the silliest, most irritating thing that has ever existed. But I’m glad that it exists. Because this silly irritating packet has never failed to make me smile.

Baymax, don’t ever shut down. I’m not satisfied with my care 😢😢. I’ll never be….

Don’t get flattered though. You’re still the ugly duckling and I hate you to the moon and back.

And you know what? I could share a pizza with you in return! ( Dayyumn that’s the best thing I could ever hear. Smile bitchπŸ˜’πŸ˜‘). You know how much I love pizza, Don’t you?! πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚

You should know that this is a really short letter compared to the numerous pages that I can actually write about you and us ( don’t even try that bet☺) . And now you should smile a bit more, drink water and go to sleep! And then you should come back and love me. πŸ˜ŒπŸ’–

That’s all! What else do you expect πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ moron!


Bewdi. πŸ˜’

To the birthday freak…

Dear birthday girl,

As I sit here today with my pen, ready to paint a new chapter, I get reminded of how irritating and annoying you are…

I swear I know that you remember your birthday and you know that I will swear on not remembering even a bit of it and you will swear on agreeing in vain. And your smile and unnecessarily loud thoughts which I’ve been reading since a long long time, will reveal why you get caught everytime you try to lie.

Well! Finally the day when the blessing was born! You! My most hateful blessing! I swear by the half eaten pizza buddy, I hate you more than anything!

I still remember the day when we had met……..two strangers who had nothing except for a common friend in common; I remember the day when we had laughed on that common friend’s common sense; the day when my lame joke had made you laugh and finally the day, when the best meme had failed to do so.

Best friend, somewhere in between ruler fighting in classrooms and judging judgemental aunties on the road, something beautiful has brewed…. something which makes me feel better; something which makes me recall that I’ve got to support and insult you at the same time each day; something that makes us know what we exactly need without the other person saying it….

Best friend, I’m falling short of words….. because you are an idiot! You’re the poetry that doesn’t rhyme with anything related to good. . …but as you had threatened me, I would still try to flatter you with the following….

You are the most beautiful creature after the girl you hate the most in school; you’re the best cook with boiled water being your special dish and you! Are the best I could ever be blessed with though you’re really annoying.

Happy birthday, best friend!

And maybe, this is the last time I’m saying that I love you!

The last time, you! Are lying to your mother about being with me while you go on a date! ( A heart attack here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and I know you’re dead and you’d probably kill me too. And this would go on till the end of time!)

And the last time! I’m saying that the above mentioned lines are lies and you’re an amazing idiot!

I hope you live long. And I hope you stay the way you are so that we can plan your wedding just the way we have planned and then I can spend my whole salary on gifts for your twenty children with Japanese names! I hope, I go on writing weird pieces on your birthday every year.

And I hope, you smile when you read it while changing your fifteenth child’s diaper!



To the best friend who fell for me….

Dear one-sided lover,

I still remember the time when we used to be nothing but strangers and every now and then you would steal tiny glances at me. I still remember the time when I was unaware of the ocean roaring inside your heart. It only seems like yesterday when I used to walk past your lively existence without even sparing one look at it. What happened then, stranger?!

Things were going well until one fine day, you came up to mark the beginning; beginning of something that would teach us the bittersweetness of life ; something which would become the best part of your World ….things were going well, until one fine day, we became friends.

We started talking more often. And soon, I found ourselves talking about the most important unnecessary things that have ever existed in this World.

What then, Friend?!

Things were going well, until one fine day, you started tagging me in memes and winning our pointless arguments with valid points….Things, were going well, until we realized we were a tad too important to each other.

You became my human diary and I , your ink to imagination. You became my 3 a.m “Guess why I hate them?!” Buddy and I , your “Does magic really exist?” Pixie. You discovered my Angels and I ,your demons.

What then, best friend forever?!

Things were still going well, weren’t they? …. until one fine day, you secretly fell in love with my soul as you say; unaware and ignorant, you went on breaking your self-made promise of not getting attached ever again.

Things were going well, until one fine day, I discovered my name on each and every wave of your ocean.

I never knew you were falling for me while laughing at humans and jokes; while walking by my side; while listening to my rants….

I never knew, best friend, that you were falling for me while listening to my description of the love I have for another human and how that person has had and will have my heart forever..

What now?!

Now! It cannot be undone, best friend. I hope things go well and we keep painting each other’s lives with colours (that statement, as you already know, only applies to myself because your choice of colours is pretty much the reason for why people have trust issues 🌝)

For you should know, best friend….

“Of all the things that I’ve never known, my favourite one is that I never knew you would become the AAYAN to my ALIZEH!”

And as I write that, I know you would throw a brick at my face for using Bollywood references.

So before you do that and before I run away for my life, here’s another:

Of all the things that I’ve ever wished for, one of the most important ones, for now and forever, is that, I hope you never stop being the Harry to my Hermione!”

Because, buddy, I’m not ready to let you go at any cost. And to be very honest, I do not at all love you enough to let you go!


Miss magic!

P.S: But I really hope you stop hoarding my belongings as tokens for whatever’s sake might suit you. BRAINLESS BABOON!

The first….

Hello there reader,

As you’re reading this article you should know that somewhere, a tiny human has finally decided to take a chance by creating a blog she had been dreaming of since the day she had written her very first poem.

Very first! Yes…I remember as I say very first. To be precise, exactly three years and 10 days ago, a little girl had first discovered how to paint with words; how to create melodious silences. Since then, there has been no stopping. And here she is after all these days, writing her heart out to you. Here she stands, ready to share all the art she has learnt to create.

That’s all for today. I hope you smiled reading that. I hope you keep smiling and keep coming back. Until next time…. goodbye!


The tiny soul.